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As a software engineer I know how important the first “Hello, world!” can be…

I wanted my first post here to represent the first step I took as an engineer. Yes, I wrote a print statement that produced a line “Hello, world!” to the console. I did it in java.

Systen.out.println("Hello, world!")

It only got more complex, but I don’t think I can ever let go of the print statements.

I want to take a moment to offer some context. This blog will act as creative outlet. I might post short stories, poems, reviews of a good show I watched, and stuff like that. Hold on! I might also post my thoughts on concepts in computer science, stuff I am working on, and random non-cohesive rants whatsoever.

I hope it will offer you something. If it doesn’t, that is OK, too. This here is me. All of me, unbounded in our bounded world. My thoughts might not be well-rounded nor correct. In that case feel free to let me know in comments.